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Our Aptateca offers a catalog of aptamers developed by our company for different applications. These aptamers have been developed from R & D projects and collaborations. In our catalog you can also check in which applications or techniques our aptamers have been validated. You can also find information about characterization studies of the aptamers.

Aptus also offers the possibility to search and validate aptamers against your target of interest which are in the public domain (freedom to operate).

Aptamers are presented in various formats and can be customized for different functionalities.
  • Check in our Aptateca and select the desired aptamer, noting the exact reference in the catalog.
  • Email us at indicating any additional specification or for any questions or doubts. We will reply as soon as possible to your application, delivering a budget and a deadline.

At Aptus we are open to incorporate new aptamers and to develop new applications for them. Email us at if you have any suggestions in this respect.


Aptamers develped by Aptus Biotech*

*All these aptamers have been developed and validated by Aptus Biotech

**These aptamers are in progress

Examples of ohter available aptamers***

Name Target Nucleic Acid Kd Size Applications
AptAnti-FLAg M2 Antibody Aptamer anti-FLAg M2 DNA 80nM 30  
AptHIStag 6xHIS tag DNA 4.6nM 40 aptapurification
AptAmp Ampicilin DNA 9.4nM 21 aptasensing
AptBiotin Biotin RNA 5nM 110  
AptThrombin Thrombin DNA 0.5nM 29  
AptNS1 Influenza NS1 protein DNA 19.91nM 88  
AptTrybru Trypanosoma brucei RNA 0.75nM 85  

***We offer a service of search and validation of aptamers. Tell us what is your target