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Aptamer Development Service

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The Aptamer Development Service has been divided in three standard and consecutive stages:

Stage1–Selection of aptamers and in vitro binding ( ~ 4 weeks)

At the end of the project, a group of aptamers will be delivered (equivalent to a polyclonal antibody).

Stage 2 – Identification, cloning and characterization of the selected aptamers ( ~ 2 – 6 weeks)

The initial selected aptamer group will be sequenced and analyzed by computerized techniques and aptamers with higher binding properties will be identified. The best individual aptamers will be synthesized, characterized and delivered .

Stage 3 – Aptamer optimization ( ~ 2 -6 weeks)

Individual aptamer can be optimized, achieving smaller structures with maximum binding properties.

Price, timing and other conditions

APTUS offers a flexible pricing structure for aptamer development.


From 7.000 € for a single target and 6 selection rounds, the final price will depend on several parameters such as:

  • The type, quality and quantity of the specific target against which to select the aptamer. 
  • The number of targets to select: the larger the number, the lower the final price of each selected aptamer. Combining several searches at the same time, get a significant reduction in the final cost
  • The number of selection rounds. The higher amount of rounds, the higher probability of finding more and better aptamers.
  • The number of aptamers obtained in the process and the number of them to be characterized.


For a complete process (3 stages), from 8 weeks from the start of the selection process. The deadline depends on the number of rounds of selection and the intrinsic difficulty of the target protein.


Work begins after paying 50% of the budget. After completion of the work, the remaining 50% shall be paid and final results and report will be delivered.

Optional services

Special binding affinity studies

A more precise calculation of the binding affinity and the kinetic constants of the aptamer-target interaction by using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technique will be budgeted apart.

Customize aptamer functionality

the possibility of adapting the aptamer to customer’s requirements. This includes specific labeling, immobilization to different surfaces and others.

Custom research projects

Contact us with your proposal or let us know what your needs are. We will help you to draft your project.

Purchase Intellectual Property Rights

our standard Aptamer Development Service does not include delivering IP rights and they remain in Aptus. Since then, developed aptamers will be part of the Aptus catalog. If your interest is acquiring aptamer property rights, totally or partially, we offer the option of purchasing the aptamer sequence (equivalent to the aptamer “hybridome”).

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